Saturday, 18 April 2009

Engine out and new seal fitted

Well after a bad leak on the Type 9 gearobx, I have pulled the engine out again and this time I know where the leak is coming from!!

The seal from the front cover was knackered! and the bottom boltholes go right through to the gearbox and the fluid was coming out of these threads

I sealed up with a new gearbox cover seal from Ford and PTFE liquid on all the bolts and fingers crossed this should do the trick!!

not long now and the engine will be back in and I should have the car sorted for the La Carrera & 10CR.


  1. I have never seen such a straight & shiny Spitfire/GT6 bumper! Not even when they were new! There's something corrupt going on here!

  2. The bumpers were straightened and re-chromed by a pro! the best hundren pounds per bumper I have ever spent!