Friday, 17 July 2009


Thanks to everyone on the CT Forum and Sideways Forum for the advice about the previous post!!

It turned out to be a flattened Manifold gasket that was causing all the problems! I cannot believe the noise the manifolds were making!

However I cannot complain, the engine has been in and out 3 times on that gasket so pretty good build quality!!

Car now running very well indeed!!

Thanks for all the advice.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Horrible wining noise.

Horrible wining noise.

I set the tappets today and did a bit of cosmetics in the car for the weekend.
I tried to start the car and again flattened the battery and then the battery pack.

I have no idea what is up, it will only start with the use of jump leads. So I started the car with the assistance of a modern motor and a set of jump leads, and she runs. BUT there is a horrible wining noise, it sounds like a dry bearing but not if you know what I mean?? It is coming from the carb side and goes a little quieter when you press down on the carbs? Any suggestions?


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A Puzzle solved.

Well after fearing the worst with the breakdown, I managed to get a look at the car today and the first thing I did was hook up the Laptop to the megajolt!

Sorted! the megajolt is working fine no problems what so ever. Next.

Spark plug spark test. No Problem! Next.

Next compression. Sorted all combustion chambers giving good and equal pressure!. Next.

Fuel pressure test. Fine no problems!. Next.

Where do I go from here everything checks out. So Jump leads on (as I flattened the bettery and the battery pack yesterday trying to start it when it stopped running)

Anyway turn the key. BROOM BROOM the engine runs and runs strongly. so full system check and guess what! the pick up from the trigger wheel for the megajolt was loose and could have moved during the test run. So I tightened the pick up and took the Spit for a test drive. Superb as strong as ever. and no oil leak.

I had loosened the pick up off to change the fan belt and not tightened it up! BUGGER indeed.

So I am now looking forward to doing the North Area Weekend which is next weekend. (17/18 July) PS anyone who wants to come for the day for a bit of drivin fun drop me a PM.

A releieved Rob.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009



Forgive me for shouting! Everything sorted! had a slight glitch with the slave cylinder! I forgot to tighten up the new pipe causing it to splurge silicone fluid every time I pump the clutch eventually causing a non-existent clutch!
That sorted today (about 45 mins) I took the Spitfire for some fuel and a wash as it needed a clean after the LaCarrera Cannonball and all the greasy fingerprints on it from pulling the engine and box in and out! So there I am driving a clean and shiny Triumph on lane 3 of the M62 when pop the engine cuts out and loosing power before stopping all together!
I flattened a battery pack trying to get it started and at this time do not know why it has stopped and refused to start??? I know I have fuel to the carbs and oil in the engine but as for compression and spark?? I have no idea.

However there is a silver lining.
when the car came off the recovery truck it had not dropped any oil!

A very pissed off ROB.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Engine and Gearbox out and back in under a day!

Yes I am knackered! After a very long day fiddling with the spanners but with some very welcome help from a mate Neil! Without the help from Neil today! The car would still be in bits!
The engine and gearbox came out, a bracket for the clutch slave cylinder was fabricated and fitted, the gearbox was inspected and found to have been too full of oil! so no seal were replaced!
However with the many times that the gearbox has been out in the last twelve months the thread on the box had gone! This left it impossible to tighten up the conversion plate! so I welded some thread onto the box which has enabled the conversion place to be secured tightly! a nice job as well if I do say so myself
Well as you can see I added a breather tube for a breather pipe! This also helped me fill the gearbox with oil once I fitted it back in place and this was a superb idea as I filled the gearbox quite quickly and with no mess! It will also act as a breather and will be attached to a pipe and filter.

Well as per the previous post I did mention that the clutch slave bracket had broken causing a fair few difficulties selecting first gear as the clutch would not fully disengage! Well with a fresh pair of eyes Neil had a great idea and it took about half an hour to fabricate! What a difference! SOLID as a rock! I had to fabricate a new clutch pipe but I can confirm that it is now fitted and fully working and is a lot smoother than before!

Well the engine and box are back in I just need to fit the exhaust manifold and carbs + the bonnet and all should be well for the July Northern Area Weekend, which is only 14 days away!!

Bring on the Hard Knott pass!!!
Taa taa for now.