Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A Puzzle solved.

Well after fearing the worst with the breakdown, I managed to get a look at the car today and the first thing I did was hook up the Laptop to the megajolt!

Sorted! the megajolt is working fine no problems what so ever. Next.

Spark plug spark test. No Problem! Next.

Next compression. Sorted all combustion chambers giving good and equal pressure!. Next.

Fuel pressure test. Fine no problems!. Next.

Where do I go from here everything checks out. So Jump leads on (as I flattened the bettery and the battery pack yesterday trying to start it when it stopped running)

Anyway turn the key. BROOM BROOM the engine runs and runs strongly. so full system check and guess what! the pick up from the trigger wheel for the megajolt was loose and could have moved during the test run. So I tightened the pick up and took the Spit for a test drive. Superb as strong as ever. and no oil leak.

I had loosened the pick up off to change the fan belt and not tightened it up! BUGGER indeed.

So I am now looking forward to doing the North Area Weekend which is next weekend. (17/18 July) PS anyone who wants to come for the day for a bit of drivin fun drop me a PM.

A releieved Rob.

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