Thursday, 20 August 2009

New MOT and Stafford.

Well I took a week off work to carry out a bit of work on the car and some other jobs around the house!

Firstly I bought a new inlet/exhaust manifold gasket from Moss as the original item I had on was a little worse for ware! Well bugger me if the quality of gaskets have gone down the toilet! The new gasket was worse (new) than the one I had on! Paper thin! and only plated on one side! absolute rubbish and it will be returned to them on my next visit!
Well after a bit of hunting around I got the one I wanted from James Paddock! Superb service from them as always, providing two of the gaskets (ill keep one as a spare) That fitted with new gaskets for the carbs and brum brum the car starts better and now ticks over nicely!!
and with the new GB sticker and some headlight convertors I am almost ready for Europe!

Well a little bit of elbow grease and £50 later MOT in hand fresh for the 10CR.

So off for a test I drove to Stafford for the TSSC show! I met up with Neil in his Spit and we were joined by Steve Thompson and Marcus in their GT6's.

A nice steady run down to the show down the M6 doing a steady 70mph! With a few overtakes the car pulls well above 70 allowing easy overtaking. However I will be keeping the 10CR speeds to a steady smooth run!

I was a bit disappointed with Stafford £10 to get in (a bit steep in my opinion) and not the traders stands that they used to have! I think I will not be going next year! (I know tight giffer)

Well back to business, after Stafford I drove to Ilam which is nearby, where I enjoyed a walk with the missus and a cream tea! mmmmmmm.......

The car drove very nicely, however I have a new map for the Megajolt that should give a little more power at the top end and allow for better motorway cruising! (more on that this weekend when I trial the new map)

Well that is all for now! More updates soon!
Cheers Rob.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Heat Sheild!

The Spitfire did very well over the Camping weekend!

However I do need to change the inlet manifold gasket before the 10CR as the gasket has had it! I have also just fabricated a heat-sheild for the gearbox! Yes a bit overkill but the exhaust runs past the gearbox and is heating the casing causing the oil to heat up and run thin, this in turn was pushing the oil through the seals on the front input shaft!
On short runs and wet runs I do not have a problem with dropping oil, however on longer hotter runs she pees oil!

So hence the heat shield! A big thanks to Steve Thompson for supplying the Alloy plate! and a BIG FANKS to Neil McDonnell for the help in fabricating and fitting it! It looks very professional!.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Northern Camping Weekend and more work on the car.

A big thanks to all who came to the Northern Area Camping Weekend!

What a great time!
At the start of the weekend it rained! We got to the site on the Friday afternoon to put up a gazebo over bench seating, only to have a fellow camper come across and give us another Gazebo as he was leaving and thought we needed it! So with 2 Gazebos covering 2 banches we were set for the weekend. !

Well I thought the wet weather was in for the night so we all went to a pub in Kirkby Lonsdale were we enjoyed a few beers and a nice home cooked meal!

Back at the campsite we enjoyed a few beers and a chat until bed!

The Wigwams were excellent and all enjoyed a good night sleep!! Up early to enjoy a sausage Butty before heading off into the lakes and to the very welcome SUNSHINE!! Yes even the sun turned up!

We met up with Marcus at the foot of Woodhead pass before a convoy of Triumphs made our way over the pass! We called in to Haverthwaite Railway where the cars got some serious attention from some very nice Chinese tourists! I enjoyed a slice of cheese pie and salad! Before we all drove back to the site, where we were met by Ed and his family!

A few more beers and talking about the days drive and Marcus’s car received a lot of attention (and rightly so as it is a superb motor)
The evening BBQ went rather well if not for a brief shower, I think I can honestly say the weekend was a success! I am now looking at organising next years weekend festivities, but due to a massive demand! I will be booking the Wigwams early! In-fact I will be booking the Wigwams in the next few weeks as they already have paid bookings for next year! So please if you are interested please PM me through the Club’s Forum!