Thursday, 20 August 2009

New MOT and Stafford.

Well I took a week off work to carry out a bit of work on the car and some other jobs around the house!

Firstly I bought a new inlet/exhaust manifold gasket from Moss as the original item I had on was a little worse for ware! Well bugger me if the quality of gaskets have gone down the toilet! The new gasket was worse (new) than the one I had on! Paper thin! and only plated on one side! absolute rubbish and it will be returned to them on my next visit!
Well after a bit of hunting around I got the one I wanted from James Paddock! Superb service from them as always, providing two of the gaskets (ill keep one as a spare) That fitted with new gaskets for the carbs and brum brum the car starts better and now ticks over nicely!!
and with the new GB sticker and some headlight convertors I am almost ready for Europe!

Well a little bit of elbow grease and £50 later MOT in hand fresh for the 10CR.

So off for a test I drove to Stafford for the TSSC show! I met up with Neil in his Spit and we were joined by Steve Thompson and Marcus in their GT6's.

A nice steady run down to the show down the M6 doing a steady 70mph! With a few overtakes the car pulls well above 70 allowing easy overtaking. However I will be keeping the 10CR speeds to a steady smooth run!

I was a bit disappointed with Stafford £10 to get in (a bit steep in my opinion) and not the traders stands that they used to have! I think I will not be going next year! (I know tight giffer)

Well back to business, after Stafford I drove to Ilam which is nearby, where I enjoyed a walk with the missus and a cream tea! mmmmmmm.......

The car drove very nicely, however I have a new map for the Megajolt that should give a little more power at the top end and allow for better motorway cruising! (more on that this weekend when I trial the new map)

Well that is all for now! More updates soon!
Cheers Rob.

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