Sunday, 2 August 2009

Heat Sheild!

The Spitfire did very well over the Camping weekend!

However I do need to change the inlet manifold gasket before the 10CR as the gasket has had it! I have also just fabricated a heat-sheild for the gearbox! Yes a bit overkill but the exhaust runs past the gearbox and is heating the casing causing the oil to heat up and run thin, this in turn was pushing the oil through the seals on the front input shaft!
On short runs and wet runs I do not have a problem with dropping oil, however on longer hotter runs she pees oil!

So hence the heat shield! A big thanks to Steve Thompson for supplying the Alloy plate! and a BIG FANKS to Neil McDonnell for the help in fabricating and fitting it! It looks very professional!.

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