Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Horrible wining noise.

Horrible wining noise.

I set the tappets today and did a bit of cosmetics in the car for the weekend.
I tried to start the car and again flattened the battery and then the battery pack.

I have no idea what is up, it will only start with the use of jump leads. So I started the car with the assistance of a modern motor and a set of jump leads, and she runs. BUT there is a horrible wining noise, it sounds like a dry bearing but not if you know what I mean?? It is coming from the carb side and goes a little quieter when you press down on the carbs? Any suggestions?



  1. Rob, that sounds like an air leak at the inlet manifold. Try tweaking all the carb mounting nuts a bit tighter. I've had this before on my spitfire. The torque spec for those nuts is not very tight but sometimes they need to be much tighter than you think.

    An air leak will also make your mixture leaner and may be causing your poor starting problems.


  2. Mik,

    You are bob on with what you say! I put a new manifold gasket on and it sorted the problem. I had the manifolds off three times so I cannot complain at it going on the 4th!

    Thanks for the commment,