Monday, 4 October 2010


Well the RBRR was an interesting experience.

I arrived with the car which was running great at Steve’s in Bury / Bolton area at 9:15am where we fitted the relay for the driving lamps before setting off to meet up with Neil McDonnell and his brother at Lymm services on the M6. A good but wet run to the Plough to find very low oil pressure on the M25.

On getting to the Plough we checked the engine to find a rocker cover gasket was askew that fixed and new oil in the engine Oil pressure back to 60-70psi.

A good meal and we started the run waved off by everyone and the girls from the charity Mind. We had not long got going and I think we had just caught up Jason and Dave in the Courier when I noticed low oil pressure again. Pulling over at a petrol station we checked the engine only to find a hole in a oil take off for the oil cooler. Pulling the sandwich plate off the cooler we removed the problem and re filled the car with Castrol GTX (only oil available at the garage) as we had used all the classic oil I had come on the run with.

With great oil pressure we pushed onto Blythe and then Edinburgh airport. All was going well and on the next leg I decided to get some sleep so I would be fresh for the Skiah to John O’Groats leg.

A few miles above Pitlockery on the A9 heading for Skiah Services, I was asleep (well sort of) and the car was burbling rather well at about 65mph. Steve said he was trying to overtake a wagon as he pulled out beside the wagon he said the car just jumped out of gear. The car rolled to a halt with Steve making attempts to select a gear. In Steve's words we had a box full of neutrals.

Team Shorts were no more as it was blood freezing so the long trousers and fleeces were put on. A big thanks to the two guys in the V8 Herald who pulled over and gave us a hand with the car.

Well we waited for about an hour for the recovery service before a relay home to Manchester some many hours later. Me and Steve did discuss continuing on in his GT6 but we were not sure about if this would upset the MSA or the club so it was decided to call it a day. Steve said he was going to the Lancaster stop to cheer on the rest of the entrants but I said I did not have it in me. To say Gutted would not come close, especially after last years exit from the 10CR. It seems I have got my name back Bobby Broken Spit!

Well after a pint at home and some hot food I decided I was being a big girls blouse and phoned Steve at about a quarter to eight and asked him if it was too late to come to Lancaster, Steve being the great guy that he is said no problem and picked me up and we attended Lancaster to say hello to the rest. I was again really gutted to see everyone continue on without us in tow.

The car is in the garage until I can take a “be arsed” pill. To say I don’t want to look at it would be a fair comment but I will wait until Neil is back and speak to him about getting my engine lift to whip the engine and gearbox out and take a look at the box. I guess a full strip and inspection before I know what went wrong.

The Megasquirt will have to wait until the gearbox is sorted.

I just hope not all the people want their sponsorship money back.

Signing off.


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