Sunday, 10 July 2011

Long Time No update.

Pic 1 taken prior to the run, yes lots of polishing.

Ok, sorry for the lack of updating of this blog, passing of exams at work and recent change of job has left me with little time.

I have not attended many meetings this year at the Pendle and Pennine near Barnsoldwick, and I think this is going to get worse before it gets better.

The positive news I can bring you is the car is fixed and has completed the Auto Acosse in the beginning of June with Steve Thompson (Tiggrr on the Forum) We had tho great days low flying around Scotland on a great event. I am looking forward to next years event as I hope the run will take in a different area of Scotland. The roads were superb if the weather was not. We did have sun but we also had rain and cold weather, I can report that the roof did not go up until after the event!! It was great Pics attached.

Pic 2 again after a good polish.

I had put the new clutch plate in the car and this was its first run (in anger) and the car ran great, no issues and with a recent upgrade to the brakes performed superbly. The front brakes lock up at will now and are very predictable.

Interior back in at long last.

A veery wet run round Loch Long.

The next run is Club Triumph's 10CR.

10 Countries run. 10 Countries in 5 days.

The last time I attempted this event I failed dramaticly in Country 2 (France).

I hope to complete the event this year and enjoy the roads and company. Cannot Wait!

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