Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Sorry for the late update of the Blog! I have been away twice to Scotlandshire and then back to work.

Scotland on both trips was SUPERB. If it had not have been for the FlusterFu*k in the LaCarrer Caladonia being cancelled and then the crap that followed it would have been perfect. However I am now left thinking I should do the thing on my own steam every year and save some money for beers! I just hope next years event is organised by Club Triumph and nobody spits their dummy out over differences that could have been left until after the event.

Saying that the run up to Scotland formally known as the LaCarrera went well, Steve Thompson (other half of Team Shorts) and I had a superb time on superb scotish road.

I have attached a few pictures....

The only major problem I had with the car was YES you guessed it the gearbox! I am now a little fed up I went for the Type 9 and feeling I should have stayed with the 3 rail with Overdrive! I am sure all will be forgiven when I get the niggles sorted out.. Well I dropped about half a litre of gearbox oil on the run up to Scotland and the Gearbox/Engine come out this weekend for sorting. I think after all the trouble I have a blocked pressure relief pin? I will know more this weekend when the lot comes out again!!! I am replacing all seals and adding a pressure relief pipe to the gearbox. The other main problem I had with the gearbox was the slave cylinder mount had broken so when you pushed down on the clutch the clutch would only half disengage!! making first gear selection impossible, this did however lead to some very nice driving techniques by me and Steve and some very funny junction stops LOL. This too will be sorted for this weekend.

Any way the positive news is the new shox and springs on the car were great! The car has been transformed to a really nice handling motor, I thought it was good before hand but it is breathtaking how well the car handles now! (ask Steve) some very fast A road and B road driving proved the car can take the bends with ease. I cannot wait for the 10CR. I will have the July Camping weekend to shake down the car and then a few runs out to test prior to the 10 CR in September.

Other News!!

I took a good friend Neil McDonell (is doing the 10CR with me) to the South last Monday where he bought a very nice MKIII Spitfire from Craig Gingell's wife Sarah (think that was her name) a very nice car needing a little work to sort out. It was a nice run down and back and the little MKIII is a superb little car which is really lowered! Pics to follow. Anyhow Neil is now a CT member and hopefully be using the Spitfire for what it was made for!!! A bit of B road blasting!!

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