Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Well after a lot of thought and reading up on the Hows and What if's I have decided to inject the Spit.
This will not be an overnight operation as I am planning to fabricate my own inlet and Plenum chamber as well as building the Megasquirt engine management unit myself.

The kit came today and it looks a superb quality piece of kit. More on this soon.

I have been busy with revision for an upcoming exam, however I am not holding my breath as I have been ultra busy at work and the last thing I have been wanting to do after a 18 hour day is revise. Well with the next few weeks off I plan to cram and cram. Fingers Crossed eh.

I have done a little on the car, the bonnet is off again waiting for the engine to come out for a bit of work on the gearbox seals again. I have also bought a new engine crane as the previous lift belonged to Bob King and I was going over and above the friendship barrier as I have had his lift more than he has over the last 12 months.

Well any Question please drop me a mail.


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