Saturday, 6 March 2010

Megasquirt/ Mega Stimulator

Ok After frying my brains with revision for what seems like forever I have taken a few hours break to clear my head. The Exam is on Tuesday and I can then concentrate on getting the Megasquirt built.

However I have managed to build the Mega Stim (used to check the Megasquirt as I build it) this was built the other night with a beer. (after 9 hours revision I needed a break) I was genuinely surprised with the quality of my soldering (much better than my previous work on the megajolt).
One thing I have noticed from the outset is the superb quality of the Megasquirt kit. It has clear labels on all parts and the quality of the board itself and the instructions are outstanding.

I have started to build the board and have completed steps 1 to 22, I have stopped whilst I figure out what IAC (idle air control) valve I will use and where to place this in my set up.

The IAC helps smooth out the start up sequence.

Pictures attached and as usual any questions or comments appreciated.


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