Saturday, 27 March 2010

Putting it all back together

Well I have spent the day putting the Spitfire back together after last weeks gearbox and engine out. I have fitted a new Fuse box and re wired the reverse light as it grounded out on the 10CR causing the loom to burn through. Everything sorted and the bonnet back on I have put the battery on charge to enable me to give her a run tomorrow.

Some bad news, In June/July last year someone reversed into the rear of my Spit dinting the rear bumper. I took it off today and tried to knock the dint out. No luck the Chrome has cracked so the bumper is staying off until I can get a replacement or get this one repaired and re-chromed.

I am going to wash the car tomorrow and I am off to the Lake District on Monday.

I hopefully will have the car sorted for good Friday when I hope to take her to the P&P meeting.

Fingers crossed with no gearbox leaks.

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