Monday, 2 March 2015

wow an update. Well its been years!

Well this is my first post in a very long time. I have been busy!

First the car! It was finished in 2013. (if it can ever be called finshed) This was a great year for doing too much with so very little time. I moved jobs, moved to Scotland and travelled to Manchester on 5 or so occassions to work and complete the Spitfire prior to completing the 2013 10 Countries run.

The car was MOT'd in July with a seriously hot running engine which I had mapped with a basic set up on the megasquirt. I returned to Manchester in the end of July and drove the car to a Rolling Road in Maclesfield Cheshire. A great rolling road set up was done producing 150bhp at the crank and an indicated 130+ at the wheels. This was a new engine and should loosen up and give a few extra horses.

With the car set up on the rolling road, I headed to my new home in Scotland, 325 mile journey was great, is shook my alternator bracket to pieces and threw up a few other little niggles. Well with the trip back to Manchester the day before the 10CR, to my Well the 10CR was superb, the car had one minor issue with the set up and I had set the EDIS to cut out when the engine got too hot and it only went above my setting once in the hills of Italy, which required a stop and wait whilst the engine cooled down. This has now been increased and is now not an issue.

The 10CR was a superb test of the new set up, in total with the return trip to Scotland I managed 3000 pain free miles with superb fuel economy, at one point 50+mpg.

The car looks and sounds all things Triumph , but has the go the car was meant to have.

The car returned with me to Scotland in 2014 where I was to take part in the Auto Ecosse however the event was cancelled and the car was mothballed as I am now in the process of building a garage in the grounds of my new home near Crieff in Perthshire. The car is in need of a new Differential as my last one went POP I suspect too much power. The plan is to go LSD in the near future, I have a replacement diff ready to fit, lets see what 2015 brings.

With the garage build in progress and the list of things to do ever increasing I see no real movement on the Spitfire until 2016 where I plan to return the car to its original finish and upgrade the brakes and diff. More to come.

I promise I will update this Blog a few more times this year.

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