Thursday, 27 October 2016

I must read and update soon.

Well I must start with an apology, I have been busy.
I moved to a house which was not finished and as such have been very busy building.

My first big project was a new garage for the Spitfire, Yes a purpose built stone garage built to help me upkeep and upgrade the Spitfire (or Spitford as its been nicknamed.)

Well Pic attached of the  new garage and I must add that I have been busy with the car also.

The rear differential was weak, 130bhp at the wheels did cause some issues with the Differential causing the bearings to give up about 2 years ago, leaving a horrible noise when driving so I have decided to give it a BIG upgrade , that being a Subaru LSD . Good for 250bhp.

More to come regarding the Subaru Diff upgrade.

I will say that if you have any questions please mail me on as I don't always get notifications from here with messages.

Well pic of Garage attached and welcome back to the blog.


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